Introducing Handaid

The Last Thumb/Finger Sucking Product You’ll Need!

The Handaid is for parents who are truly serious about stopping their child’s thumb & finger sucking problems. 

  • Our Patented Behavioral Aversion Strip keeps the thumb or fingers out of their mouth.

  • For ages 6 months to Adult.

  • Each order comes with Two (2) Handaid Devices.

  • Every Handaid is custom-made to the size of your child's hand and to their unique thumb/finger sucking habit.

  • Patented childproof/child-safe closure.

  • Fits comfortably without causing any pain or irritation.

  • Allows full use and motion of hand.

  • Made in the U.S. and Worldwide first class shipping is FREE.

  • 70% of all new Handaid orders are referrals from Pediatricians, Pediatric Dentists and our satisfied customers.

  • The Handaid has a proven 99% success rate*...with a full money back guarantee! NO OTHER PRODUCT COMES CLOSE.

* Based on sales versus refunds. Data available upon request. 


What is HandAid?

Like most successful ideas, HandAid was born out of necessity. We realized that our 3 year old son was 

not going to stop his thumb sucking habit on his own. After trying the basic drugstore products (nail 

polish, hot sauce etc.) we went to the internet for help. We tried several products and received the 

same results. It was time to find a solution that was tailor made to our son’s habit. His mother was 

instrumental when it came to making the first HandAid. She did not want our son Mike to experience 

any pain or discomfort and she was concerned about how any device would interfere with the use 

of his hand at this age. I was confident that I could make a device that would work. The challenge 

was concentrating on the 2 key issues that his mom had… make it painless and don’t let it impede 

the use of the hand. The first Handaid worked so well for our son that we found ourselves making it 

for other families that were experiencing the same problems with one of their children. After several 

modifications with the strap, the closure, even the color of the fabric, the HandAid is now the best 

thumb and finger sucking product on the market due to a custom made approach to this difficult 

problem. It has a very high success rate!

At what age should my child stop thumb sucking?

The short answer is “as soon as possible”. 15 to 30 months is the easiest time for the child and 

the parent. At this age, most children have a very short attention span and they will give up the 

thumb or finger sucking habit without too much resistance and won’t go back to it. As they get 

older, they grow attachments to habits easier because they are better able to 

compartmentalize their reasons for doing it. Understand that what I have said up until now 

refers only to damage that can be caused to the child’s teeth. From birth thru age 4 there are 

many other dangers that thumb/finger sucking can cause. Displacement of the tongue can cause 

breathing restrictions. Many children hold their thumb in their mouth with their tongue causing 

a “strengthening” of the muscles in the tongue. This is known in medical terms as a tongue 

thrust. This tongue thrust may cause problems with your child’s speech. They can develop 

problems pronouncing words containing the letters D, T and L. Children that thumb suck are 

more susceptible to colds, flu’s and many other diseases simply by putting a tainted thumb in 

their mouth. In short, there is no safe age to allow any child the habit of thumb or finger 

sucking. Ages 4 thru 6 are the worst years for your child to be thumb/finger sucking because the 

permanent teeth are arriving. The end result can be devastating to the alignment of those 

permanent teeth. After age 6, the focus evolves from an emphasis on physical problems to 

emotional problems. The child is now in school and quickly realizes that they are the minority 

when it comes to their habit. They can become somewhat inward and reclusive because of the 

teasing from other children. They continue their habit only when they are alone or feel they are 

not being watched. They will pick spots where they can be by themselves. The parent has little 

knowledge of this because when the child is home they are in their sanctuary where mom and 

dad always pretend that it is ok to thumb/finger suck. By this age, the child now has doubts as to 

whether it is ok to thumb/finger suck. Even the parents are starting to wonder how to stop thumb/finger

sucking and giving signs to their child that it may no longer be ok to continue doing something 

that was always ok to do before. The child grows even more dependent on thumb sucking to 

the extent that it has now gone from a habit to an addiction. As they get older, most children 

actually want to stop but can’t do it by themselves. Nothing good can come from this habit and 

it is my advice that you stop your child’s habit as soon as possible.


The best way to cure your child’s habit is to incorporate a plan that focuses on the immediate 

problem only without causing another problem. Thumb/Finger sucking remedies are worthless if 

they interfere with the normal use of their thumb/fingers and even worse, their hand. Tie your child’s 

hand behind their back and then tell them to go on with their normal day. The child is going 

to let you know immediately that they can’t use their hand and will continue to scream this 

information at you until you untie it. Well, this is what happens when you put most thumb or

finger sucking devices on your child’s hand. Yes, they can’t suck their thumb/fingers. But, the bigger 

distraction is that they can’t use their thumb or fingers. The HandAid covers only the bottom two thirds 

of the thumb/fingers. The top third is uncovered so your child can hold a pencil, a spoon, type on 

the computer or use a cell phone. The only thing they can’t do is suck their thumb/fingers. Your child 

adapts to the custom fit quickly and the only time that they know that it is there is when they 

try to thumb/finger suck. This is just one of HandAid’s unique features which helps put you on the 

fast track to a thumb or finger sucking cure.


When you search the internet for “how to stop sucking your thumb”, you find many directions 

that you can go for advice. Keep in mind that Orthodontists and Pediatric Dentists are 

somewhat at a disadvantage because their expertise is with the permanent teeth not the baby 

teeth. They can offer you many solutions and dental products which will stop these habits. But 

all of them need to be installed in the mouth and attached/wired to”permanent” teeth. Your 

3 year old child still has most of their baby teeth. And, 3 years is the age when most parents 

start searching for solutions on how to stop thumb/finger sucking. Your child’s pediatrician would be 

a better source of information for parents with children under the ages of 6.