Patented Behavioral Aversion Strip

Our Behavioral Aversion Strip keeps the thumb out and away from the mouth.

When your child attempts to put their thumb into their mouth while wearing the Handaid, the Behavioral Aversion Strip stimulates the chin or lower lip. This prompts an unnatural feeling for your child, causing them to pull their thumb out of and away from their mouth.

The Handaid is engineered to keep the thumb away from the mouth.  This prevents exposure to harmful bacteria and germs that other devices allow.

By keeping your child's thumb out of their mouth, we break both the physical and emotional cycle of thumb sucking.


The Handaid has a patented child-proof closure system that prevents your child from removing the Handaid on their own.  

Since the Handaid cannot be removed by the child, they will not revert back to their old habit in times of stress and frustration.  




Soft, Comfortable, and Durable 

The Handaid has no sharp plastic edges or cheap irritating plastic straps.

We use a soft, extremely flexible, and breathable antimicrobial material that is both durable and safe for your child. The Handaid is comfortably worn day and night which speeds up the therapeutic process.

Custom Made for Any Age

The Handaid can be custom-made for any child older than 6 months.

Your child's habit is as unique as their hand. That is why we custom- make every Handaid to fit the exact size of your child's hand.  We use our proprietary technology that enables us to build the Handaid around your child's hand from only a digital photo.

Handaid does not impede the use of your child's hand. 

Other devices cover the entire thumb. Your child loses the use of their thumb, and in many cases, the entire hand making it an intrusion that is very hard for your child to adjust to.  Again, this speeds up the therapeutic process because the Handaid is less of a distraction.